Mother's Day Gift Guide: Stylish Shoes for Every Type of Mom

Diba True Mother's Day Gift Guide

As a women's leather shoe company, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift for Mother's Day. To help you celebrate the special women in your life, we've put together a gift guide that matches different mom styles with our latest shoe collections.


1. The Busy Bee Mom

For the mom who's always on-the-go, our active-friendly loafers are the perfect choice. These comfortable yet stylish shoes will keep her looking polished and professional, whether she's running errands or attending a work event. We recommend the Koi Pond or Kind Words.






2. The Fashionista Mom

If your mom loves to stay on top of the latest trends, our Shootin' Star Huarache heels are the way to go. These versatile wedge sandals can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect addition to her wardrobe. A comfy yet stylish option like the Stare Down sandals could also be a great choice.




3. The Glamorous Mom

For the mom who loves to turn heads, our platform sandals are the ultimate in luxury and style. These platforms will have her feeling confident and fabulous on any occasion. Also check out the Ruth Ie tote Purse for the perfect fashion accessory for the Glam Mamas. 






4. The Sporty Chic Mom

The Sporty Chic Mom is a modern, active woman who values both comfort and style in her footwear. She loves to stay physically fit, whether that means running errands, hitting the gym, or cheering on her kids at their sporting events. This mom has a keen eye for fashion and won't sacrifice her sense of style. Check out comfortable and sporty styles such as our comfort wedges or cloud bottom sandals. Also check out crossbody purse to keep the essentials on the go.
























































5. The Savvy Business Mom

The Savvy Business Mom is a modern, multitasking maven who seamlessly blends her professional life with her role as a parent. Whether she's leading a team meeting or cheering on her kids at their after-school activities, this mom knows how to dress for success while maintaining a polished, put-together look.For the Savvy Business Mom, the ideal shoe strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality. She gravitates towards sleek, sophisticated silhouettes that can transition from the office to the carpool line with ease.