Flying Solo or What to do for New Year’s?

What to do and Flying Solo are the perfect shoes to wear when bringing in the New Year.  A girls night in or a night on the town these boots will bring the sparkle wherever you go. These two style options in short or tall will take your Western-inspired style to the next level with the Diba True. The What To Do riding boots include a tall shaft, studded detailing on the upper, and quick side pull tabs, these boots make an edgy fashion statement. Flying Solo by Diba True offers a shorter shaft style, studded detailing on the upper along with a more narrow toe bed for a sleeker silhouette. Bring in the New Year with cheer in Flying Solo or What to do by Diba True.





flying solo 2x3

what to do_jeeze louise

new year

Whatever you decide to wear, I know you’ll look great.

Wishing you and Happy New Year from Diba True.

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